The Vice | Spiked Penis Plug
The Vice | Spiked Penis PlugThe Vice | Spiked Penis PlugThe Vice | Spiked Penis Plug

    Where do we start.... The adjustable sharp tipped screws that can be adjusted with the accompanying alan key, or the lock in penis plug with grooves to stretch you from inside whilst the spikes inflict discomfort and pain from the outside?  This one isn't for the faint of heart...but then again your key holder might not be deterred. 


    Penis Plug Length:  55mm | 2.2 Inches

    Penis Plug Diameter:  7mm | 0.28 Inches

    Penis Ring Diameter:  35mm | 1.4 Inches

Delivery Time USA & Canada: 12-25 days

Europe: 14-24 days

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