Hands Off Mens Chastity Cage
Hands Off Mens Chastity CageHands Off Mens Chastity Cage

    Here we have one of the most popular steel cages of 2018.  'Don't Dare Touch' doesn't leave anything to chance, with a tight closed body, marginally slimmer than average at 33mm width within the tube, you'll be squeezed by a sealed body cage.  The head works to the popular star shape meaning even gaps around the head and even space for a catheter (which the cage comes with by the way!)  The shape of the ring is contoured to the body rather than an exact circle, which for many makes for a more fitted and comfortable fit.  No wonder it has been so popular!

    Cage Length: 4.8cm | 1.9 inches


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Europe: 14-24 days

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